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Mate update affect on Exploded views

Question asked by Tom Cote on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by Tom Cote

I have to update a very large quantity of assembly models due to mate and rebuild errors.  Got to start by saying they are not mine I just inherited the task of updating them.  This is on SW 2010 SP5


Most config’s have an exploded view as a derived config.  Some of the mate errors are for missing surfaces and others are for a variety of reasons, very ugly models.  I have not been able to determine (yet) if it is because of deleting the mate vs. trying to re-establish the face/surface that the mate originally was tied to but sometimes the exploded view “blows up” and other times it seems to fix its self once the mate is repaired.  Anybody ever encounter something like this in the past?


Thanks for your thoughs,

FYI: I was told I was not allowed to share a sample data set plus the assy and its models are fairly large to work with.