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Import Cinema 4d projects to Solidworks, is it possible?

Question asked by Marcus Barnet on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2013 by Robert Lansdale

Tipically, I use Solidworks 10 to design 3d mechanical structures but i'm not able to use it to draw organic shapes like character faces and bodies.


On the contrary, one of my friends, is able to do this but he uses Cinema 4d, so i woud like to ask you if it is possible to import Cinema 4d projects into Solidworks in order to add inner mechanical structures within the cinema 4d organic shapes.


For example, if my friend draws a character body, then can i import this 3d face in Solidworks and modify it to add mechanical structure inside?


I tried to do it with a sample project, but solidworks imported only a part of the whole project.


I hope you can help me, thanks!