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Convert Sheet Metal part to DXF using Task

Question asked by Keren Dotan on Feb 8, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by Andreas Ravn

Hello All,


According to SPR 552100, the Convert task add-in doesn't handle the case of exporting a sheet metal's flat pattern to DXF. Here is the explanation:

"The problem is that the SW macro in the convert task relies on the SaveAs method - which cannot handle saving sheetmetal parts to DWG/DXF (see SPR 509284).  Task will fail with log error: 'The file 'C:\2010 SP4 Win7\SheetMetal\Part1.SLDPRT' and configuration 'Default' can't be converted to the file extension '.dxf'.'  A potential workaround is to use the ExportFlatPatternView method in the macro - but the task will still fail becasue it is not able to 'see' the generated file in the vault and add it."


I wanted to know if any of you came across a work around, or maybe a customized add-in that can do that.