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Mates disappearing/flipping

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by Jeff Morriss

I had a hydraulic cylinder modeled as a ram and a base, then assembled with one concentric mate, one parallel mate, and several distance mates (each in their own configuration.  I use this cylinder in models and set it as flexible and floating, or else rigid to set a specific position.  This has worked quite well for me until recently.

Today, when I opened up my main model, the cylinder appeared to be functioning properly.  However, after playing around for an hour or so, I noticed that the cylinder has flipped around (ports facing the opposite way that they used to).  When I opened up the cylinder model I noticed that there are no mates (not just suppressed, but that there are no mates at all - the plus sign is not there).  But, if I switch configurations, there is one where the I can find the mates.  How is this possible?

Has anyone else had similar problems?