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    Send mail failed error

    James Pepper

      I have received so much great help from this forum that I'm going to go for it again!


      When we first installed EPDM, the SMTP notification system worked great. Then, our fine IT folks in another state (where the EPDM server exists, sadly) changed the e-mail server. Since then, we cannot use SMTP notifications.


      Our IT gurus (who were willing to help) have tried all the fixes that have been suggested in this forum, to no avail.


      The "Test Settings" function returns an error that says "Send mail failed Error: 530 5.7.1, Client was not authenticated. Could not send test message." (Image attached)


      I can ping the e-mail server IP address, and I have confirmed we are using the correct port, but that exhausts my meager knowledge of troubleshooting.


      I will forward any suggestions to the network folks. Thanks in advance!

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          Kris Rowlands

          It looks like your SMTP server requires authentication BEFORE an email is sent. THis is usually accomplished by doing a receive before sending, or setting up the EPDM system to authenticate before doing a send. Is there a setting in EPDM that allows you to do this, or a field in EPDM that asks for the password for sending mail? Might also be a checkbox for "send before receive" or "authenticate on sending".

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            Kris Rowlands

            Also, the email server may use SSL, etc. Make sure those settings are correct, too.

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              Tim Webb

              Hi James


              I propose disabling notifications and begin promoting a change in philosophy in operations.


              How would the following work with your team?


              • Create the necessary data card variables to show ownership
              • Create workflow state names that will represent the location in the facility with proper granularity
              • Re-train users to run reports (saved searches) looking for the documents assigned to them. Their TODO list
              • Create work in process comments on the face of the data card and use a quick out and back transition to update the wip comment with up to date status for high level reporting


              I have changed my mind away from notifications for a more well rounded approach to begin disabling notifications and for team players who need status updates, to create new muscle memory for using saved searches.


              Hope this is useful to someone