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How to improve performance in "animation" and "motion" studies?

Question asked by Ivan Ivanov on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by Jim Boland

Could you help me with advice about the following problem:

The case is with an assembly that has about 100 parts?  When I am using “animation” or “motion study” my PC performs very bad – the received “avi” files are with intermittent motion,  The PC works very slow and in many cases the Task manager shows that SW  “is not responding”. In the same time the CPU usage is about 50% and the Pf usage is about 1GB (I have 4 GB). It is true that the examples in the “Tutorial” are very simple and then the show is smoothly working. Is there something that I could use to improve the work with these options (animations and motion study) without buying a new PC?

Looking forward to see your recommendation,