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XP Pro 32-bit & WIN7 64-bit SW files

Question asked by James Sorrentino on Feb 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2012 by Wayne Matus

I have recently purchased a new Dell T-3500 with WIN7 x64 & I love it, runs great. The other two (2) CAD Operators in the office are using Dell T3400 with XP Pro x32 because we recently hired the third person & I got the new computer - seniority & all.


This month two (2) of us started working on the same project sharing the same files and now the x32 bit XP workstation is starting to crash, (the third workstation is on a different project with no crashes.)


Does anyone know if you can work the same files (create, save & reference) with both XP Pro x32 & Win7 x64? is it an XP to Win7 problem or an x32 to x64 problem or both?


We are all running Soldiworks 2012 SP5.0 & the same video cards - ATI FirePro v5800.