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Import To Ansys V13.0 Design Modeller Application

Question asked by Mark Sussmes on Feb 5, 2012



I have got a model of a canting keel yacht inside of a domain within Solidworks. It is a solid body cut out from inside of a domain box.


I am importing this into Design Modeller (DM) within Ansys V13.0 to run fluid flow analysis over the hull. Whenever i import the model into DM it either wont import the model or it imports it but doesn't seem to recognise the keel and bulb.


I can import just the yacht and then create the boundary box withing DM and remove the material that way but still it will not recognise the Keel/Bulb.


I have attached the Solidworks files for a yacht on its own and also with an exisitng domain built within Solidworks.


I am using Ansys V13.0 for this analysis. Could anyone point me in the correct direction as to what the issue may be. I am reasonably new to DM as a modelling tool so it may simply be the import options not being set correctly. Has anyone got any ideas?


Many Thanks