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Can't get wPDM to control Revs in drawings

Question asked by Ian Dixon on Feb 5, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2013 by Pasi Entaban

SW 2012 SP2.0


I've been using SW for a long time but I am setting up wPDM for the first time.  I want the drawing Revision property to link to wPDM and update the drawing revision table and title block.  In wPDM VaultAdmin I have the Revision Scheme tab set up with the default Primary and Secondary revisions and nothing else checked.  My Revision Table settings are shown in the attachment. When I check-in a drawing the revision in the drawing title block updates automatically with the Primary and Secondary revision.  I only want the Primary rev to show.  The revision table does nothing.  I can right-click add revision to the drawing rev table and it adds a new revision A, B, ... Z independent of wPDM.  I need some help!