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Simulation problem (Thermal & Static)

Question asked by Kukka Keppi on Feb 4, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

Hello Solidworks users,


I would need you knowledge to help me with my problem. First I want to describe a little what I want to achieve. I have a product and I want to study how it behave under heat (transient) and how much materials will be changed during the time.

First I made a thermal (transient) study which I did not have problems. After I wanted to study the thermal stress to the product by static study. Here is my problem. I would want my product lie softly on the surface (not bonded or fixed). The surface is fixed on the bottom side, whole surface. I would want that my product would behave naturally on the surface while thermal stress is bending materials. Now I can run the study but I have bonded my product on the surface which is not giving a right result. I have also tried some other methods but then my product has went throught the surface etc.. I am really stuck to describe the right values for the program. The product is not fixed anyhow on the surface, it has only been placed on it.


I would be more than pleased if somebody would have an answer for my problem I have been trying to solve for long time.


Thanks for your replies people.


I appreciate your help.