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    Simulation problem (Thermal & Static)

    Kukka Keppi

      Hello Solidworks users,


      I would need you knowledge to help me with my problem. First I want to describe a little what I want to achieve. I have a product and I want to study how it behave under heat (transient) and how much materials will be changed during the time.

      First I made a thermal (transient) study which I did not have problems. After I wanted to study the thermal stress to the product by static study. Here is my problem. I would want my product lie softly on the surface (not bonded or fixed). The surface is fixed on the bottom side, whole surface. I would want that my product would behave naturally on the surface while thermal stress is bending materials. Now I can run the study but I have bonded my product on the surface which is not giving a right result. I have also tried some other methods but then my product has went throught the surface etc.. I am really stuck to describe the right values for the program. The product is not fixed anyhow on the surface, it has only been placed on it.


      I would be more than pleased if somebody would have an answer for my problem I have been trying to solve for long time.


      Thanks for your replies people.


      I appreciate your help.



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          Bill McEachern

          sounds like you just need to apply the right contact condition in the static study. Pretty sure you can do that. You may need to apply a contact resistance inthe thermal study (it can be zero or close to it) to get th eright contact condition in the static study. That may have changed in later releases.  I don't have the program with me to check..

          there may be a tutorial that covers this or check the help.

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              Kukka Keppi

              Thank Bill for your answer. I describe my enviroment a little more. I have a product I am placing on oven plate. The product is on the plate, no gap between surfaces. I have used mates in the assembly to place the product on the plate. Simulation automaticly think this connection between the product and the plate as it would be bonded. That's not the case, it's not bonded. (Product consist of several smaller parts which are bonded together, solidworks notice them automatically and correctly).

              Should I leave a little gap between the oven plate and then add the contact resistance? Or should I leave no gap and remove the bonding which also remove bonding from the product. It means I would need to add bonding between parts manually (I tried it but got errors).