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    Analysis Example Needed - Static vs Modal

    Troy Hanson

      I'm trying to explain (to upper management and other lay persons) why it is important to understand a structures response modes versus just performing a linear static analysis with assumed load magnitudes for evaluating current product problems as well as future new designs.  I am trying to layout a "structural analysis and test roadmap" for our organization - where we are and where we need to go.  (I will then use this to justify better software (Sim Prem & better workstation) !!


      What I would like to have is a basic example of a situation where the highest strain energy location in a modal analysis is not the same location as the high stress point(s) in a static load analysis (for same boundary conditions).  I know, lots of assumptions here!  Unfortunately I only have Sim basic and cannot even do modal analysis right now.


      I have scoured the internent and not found a good basic example.  Anyone have something I could use to help explain some of these intricacies and why its important to understand both?

      Thanks in Advance,