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    I want real threads! Does SW STILL not have this?

    Chris Kulig

      I'm making a 3D model that I'm going to 3D print for a product show. I've got 1/2-13 standard threads and the only option I have in SW is cosmetic? I've got all the computing power I need and another 3D modeling program that does real threading from a library easily. Please, please tell me SW has a way of showing how the threads actually will be, i.e. carving them out inside the hole for real, real threads. Trying to convince my company to go completely to SW, but it's goofy stuff like this that are hanging things up. I see some posts that say, well you just helically cut it out yada yada, but I'm an Electrical Engineer with no clue as to the shape and pitch and whatnot. HELP!