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    Export SW2011 to STEP to Pro/E Error

    Nash Clemens

      I get an error when I export files from Solid Works 2011 in STEP AP214 format and import them into Pro/E. The customer is running Pro/E WF3.0. I have Pro/E WF4.0 as legacy (we are switching to SW).


      When I import the files into Pro/E the part files all show up as sub assemblies.



      I've tried all the switches and options in step and it only gets worse in terms of usablity.


      Looks like someone else ran into this a while back but it didn't get resolved:



      I just need to cover my bases and make sure I'm not missing some options in my export to make it work.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm afraid I don't have any ideas for why you are seeing parts coming into Pro/E as assemblies, but I have been getting a lot of Pro/E files lately and often have similar issues, where parts come in as assemblies and assemblies come in as an assembly of an assembly. I also get assemblies with multiple copies of some or all of the parts.


          Jerry Steiger