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    Selecting one Approver from datacard list?

    James Pepper

      Our workflow requires one approver for release. Currently a specific manager is the only person who can release files.


      I would like the user to choose one approver from a short list on the datacard and only that approver can release the file.


      Is there a simple and/or elegant way to achieve this?



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          Jeremy Feist

          I think you can have the transistion have a condition that the approver variable (set in the data card) has to equal the logged-in user. - but I don't get to play with our workflow, so this is just a guess.

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            Raghavendra Bhagwan



            Does each project has a seperate folder and an project manager is assigned to it ?


            Let me know.




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              Ravi Teja

              Hi James,

                          By "From  a Short List " i believe it 4-5.


              What you can do is Create Five Transition All named "Approved" (These Transition Connects "Pending Approval" and "Approved" States).


              Give Permission to Each Manager on one Transition each.and Also set condititions so that one transition allows files with  Correct Approver variable.




              Refer this image:





              With This Each Manager will see only one transition.If he tries to apprve the wrong file it will give him error "File does not meet the transition condition (~)"







              Ravi T

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                  Joy Garon

                  Good guess Jeremy

                  Yes, a condition on the transition that works off a variable value would work.

                  You need to give transition 'permit' permission to all users who would be allowed to perform the transition. The downside is that all eligible users would see the transition and if one of the 'non-selected' users attempted the transition they would get a warning message they may not fully understand.

                  If the number of users is small, then Ravi's solution (an extension of what Jeremy suggested) is a more elegant method because only the correct user can complete the transition.


                  Best Regards,


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                      James Pepper

                      Thank you all for the insights. Both methods give me new techniques to use in the future, but I will try the multiple transitions approach. Ravi guessed correctly that we will have no more than 5 approvers and each project has its own folder with one manager (usually).


                      I like the look of Ravi's solution because I can see the workflow paths. Later on, when I have forgotten how I did it, I will be able to see how it works.

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                    James Pepper



                    In case others can use your elegant solution, here is how I implemented your suggestions:


                    When a new project folder is created from a template, the project number, project name and project lead are entered into three data card blocks. The data cards for all sub-folders and files pick up these three blocks.


                    The project lead is also the approver for release. There are 5 managers who can be project leads, and only one manager approves any given file.


                    I created 5 transitions called "Approved." Each transition looks for the Project Lead variable, and each transition permission setting allows that manager to proceed.


                    If there is a situation where Manager B needs to approve a Manager A file, I can change the permission for that transition.


                    It's very early in this new process, but it seems tidy and efficient so far.