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How do I study plastic deformation?

Question asked by Bruce Flora on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2012 by Anthony Botting

I am a new user doing a study of a steel weldment with Solidworks simulation. Linear static analysis with large deformation shows that the Von Mises stresses are greater than yield and a test result support that prediction. I would like to perform a non-linear analysis that does the following


     1. Load the part such that yielding occurs and record the part geometry as well as stresses and deformations

     2. Unload the the deformed part and allow it to spring back to its new position. This will be compaed with a test item


What are the capabilities of this package? Can I perform a 2-step non-linear analysis that predicts the plastic deformed shape when loaded and the final shape when the load is removed.? This is similar to predicting springback for bent. sheet metal.