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Rotating Aseemblies to Original Planes

Question asked by Kevin Irwin on Feb 2, 2012
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I have been converting assemblies sent to me as STP files from our manufacturing plant. I haven't had too many issues with converting the files into SW assemblies, but a few of the files have given me issues with planes.


When I convert the files, every once in awhile I will get one that is skewed from the original FRONT, TOP, and RIGHT planes. The assembly will be rotated by 15 degrees or so from the original plane, and it causes havok when I try to get simple front, back, etc. views.


I know I can reset the view planes to make the views correct, but I cannot find a way to rotate the entire assembly back to the original planes without having to rotate every individual part.


If there is a simple way to essentially "reset" the assembly to be oriented correctly, that would be be great.


Thanks in advance,