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    Hole Table changes on its own

    Greg Welch

      A coworker had a problem with a table changing dimensions after an update.  I don't mean that the table size changed.  I mean that a the table indicated that a group of holes were an inch higher than they were before the update.  The holes didn't actually move.  The table just called them out inaccurately.  Deleting the table fixed the problem, but we obviously want to prevent it.  My coworker discovered the problem when a machinist called to tell him the part wasn't looking right.  Has anyone seen this before?

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          Anna Wood

          I have not seen what you describe and we use hole charts all the time.


          How often does your coworker to a Ctrl Q rebuild of his parts and drawings?  That will force a rebuild from the top of the tree.


          What version and SP of SolidWorks are you using?





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            Daen Hendrickson

            Curious? Are you seeing this behavior with the same drawing on another machine? Are you seeing it with any other files?


            Has the machine been rebooted since the trouble began? I can go weeks without "taking the time" for a reboot. At times when SolidWorks is misbehaving in pequiliar ways a good "boot" will get it back in line.



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                Greg Welch

                So far, it's two drawings, but the parts were related.  Essentially, the second part was a light reworking of the first part.  In the second part, the various holes were just shifted around.  The hole table error showed up on the same set of holes for both parts.  In other words, in part 1, there was a set of holes A.  In the hole table for part 1, the dimensions for holes A changed to an incorrect dimension after an update.  Part 2 was created from part 1.  In part 2, the same set of holes A were shifted by a certain amount (e.g., .5" in the X axis).  In the hole table for part 2, the dimensions for holes A also changed to an incorrect dimension after an update, and by the same amount.  I suspect the problem is in the part, as Anna suggested, but I wanted to check here to see if anyone else has seen the problem before.


                I don't believe rebooting is the answer.  We all shut down our computers at the end of the day, so they all get rebooted every day.


                One more clue or maybe just a red herring:  the origin for the hole table was 1" above the bottom edge of the part, which was on the model origin.  The erroneous dimensions were also 1" too large, as if the hole table were using the model origin for the table origin for those particular parts, and only on the Y axis.

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                Thomas Stendel

                Hello Greg,


                Is it possible to post the files or maybe a simplified version.  There were a few fixes put into 2011 and 2012 for hole tables that relate to datums points and upon open, the files show correct dimensions.