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Batch renaming of Solidworks files, using PDM Workgroup

Question asked by Simon Walmsley on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by Kevin Brock

Hi there,


Our company is in the process of implementing a new MRP system & as a consequence ALL of our existing product codes are having a complete overhaul and will be renamed to a more consistant type of coding.

This is a good idea and does need doing - however, in the last 3 years of having Solidworks we have generated about 3,500 files (parts/assemblies/drawings) that are now going to need renaming to the new product codes. They all sit in our 'vault' of the PDM Workgroup system. This is a mammoth task !!   


So I am wondering, has anyone else had to do a batch re-naming of files (using PDM Workgroup) - and have they found a way to automate this process somehow ?? 


We will have a spreadsheet with 2 columns, one for old part number and one for new part number. So I'm thinking somehow along the lines of a V-LOOKUP kind of approach.......  


I'm scratching my head here and trying to think of a way to avoid doing this manually !!!   Any suggestions would be appreciated