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SMTP configuration - problem

Question asked by Martin Solem on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by Raghavendra Bhagwan



I have a local installation of  SQL, Archiveserver and Databaseserver, and a local file vault to test functionality and basically teach myself PDM.

I have come across a problem with configuring SMTP for sending notifications.


The error message is "The server was not found" - for the record, i am using the "Test Settings" button in PDM Administration program.


I have checked a few things, including telnet to SMTP server (ISP's server) both on name and IP ( on port 25 which works fine.


I have also tested sending an email with the script given in this thread and that works fine. (Thank you Tyler) The exact same settings does not work in EPDM.


I have also tested the settings in Outlook successfully.


I have turned off local firewall and antivirus, to rule them out.


I have also tested from another network, but then i get another error saying "The system has detected a possible attempt to compromise security. Please ensure that you can contact the server that authenticated you."  I have yet to figure that one out...


I have also checked that the Vault is listed in ConisioMasterDb (


I can not ping the SMTP server, but for that matter i cannot ping anything else either, outside the local network, but every website or service online works just fine.


Nothing in PDM logs is helpful, neither is Windows event viewer.


In a last desperate attempt i have also disabled IP v6 on my computer, giving me a better result pinging my PC, but nothing changed with this problem.


I have also checked s-046232/015424/014168 in the varportal, and checked and corrected what i found applicable.


This is EPDM 2012 SP1, on Windows 7 x64.



Any idea is very welcome!