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Static FEA analysis for HDPE plastic

Question asked by John Smith on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by John Smith

Hi Ladies and Gents,


I have a plastic component that i am trying to see how much it will stretch when i apply 700 pounds of weight to it. I am attaching the result.
Each side of tab(3.33 square inches) recieves 52.25psi bringing the total to 700 pounds.


My questions are rather simple. In real life when I test this in an aparatus i get approximately 1.5" of elongation after 30 seconds of the load applied to it...


Why is solidworks showing me only approximatelly 0.15"??? What am i doing wrong? This is a static simulation if that makes any difference.


Is my material specification wrong?


Thank you for your help!



Solidowrks 2010 Premium.