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Condition operator syntax

Question asked by Charley McGowan on Jan 31, 2012
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So we have legacy part numbers that follow this format 12-12345-12.filename*


These part numbers can be associated with .sldprt or .docx or any file format really, anything referring to the same part. We're just trying to move the legacy parts into the new PDM and make sure they enter the correct workflow.


I'm looking to set conditions so that they enter a legacy category, which would then put them in their approprate workflow, and so I set a condition with the filepath to look like this based on the operators:

legacy conditions.png

Now as I understand it, an underscore is a single character. Can you not do a condition like __-_____-__%.doc% to allow word documents following our old legacy part number format?


It won't ever satisfy the condition, even though I know that single character counts are correct ( being 2-5-2%.% if that makse sense) 


When I set it to a less strict setting (%.doc%) then I can check in the files... but I don't understand why the __-_____-__%.% won't work?