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Motion Simulation Can't be done using Path Motor

Question asked by Raza Cheema on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by Jim Boland

Hello I have a welding machine, used to weld fuel tank. For simulating welding process i made a welding path on fuel tank and created a weld point between welding rollers on machine. Then fixed the machine and so that fuel tank moves according to welding path when path motor is applied to it (as acutally it is). I used path mate with "Path constraint: free", "Picth/Yaw control: follow path (making it tangent)" and "Roll control: normal to welding surface". Path is in 2D and has fillets on corners of radius 80mm. Maximum length of fuel tank is 880mm. I used path motor in motion studies to simulate the motion. But when Simulation passes the corner (Filleted) and just before going to straight path it fails and asks for following modifications:


Lower the accuracy

Lower the speed of motor

use only motor to drive the motion

Avoid sharp discontinuities

Use stiff solver


I lowered the accuracy and motor speeds. Only motor is driving the motion. I used spline for path and using WSTIFF solver. There are no solid contacts in the simulation. I tried the simulation by fixing the fuel tank and making machine to move along the path. The simulation completed successfully. In my opinion when fuel comes to stright line from round corner the speed or other side edge come fast which fails the simulation. I lowered the weight of tank and fixture by giving it hypothetical mass in mass properties. but it didn't work out. Please help.