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toolbox keeps replacing components

Question asked by Brian Mayo on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by Anthony Iorfino

Just installed 2012 SP02.


Our assemblies are small. Maybe 20 different bolts, screws and o-rings generally used. When we where running as stand alones, no issue with toolbox location. As we have grown in number of engineers the problem began when we networked. Opening an assembly the fasteners would be replaced with the wrong types and or sizes. Then we got the info on creating a common network toolbox location. This worked for new jobs. However on the older jobs it still would put in the wrong fasteners until you went thru and pointed each one to the new location. Then comes along the new hotshot (hothead) throwing a fit every time a change needs to be done to the older jobs. So the past couple of years we have included all part files in our jobs, for every bolt, washer, nut, o-ring etc. This way it didn't matter who worked on what job.


With the new install, how do I stop it from replacing the fastners already in the job folder with the stand toolbox?


I have in the past for a new size component use the standard toolbox to insert it. Then open it and save it out as a copy deleting all the configurations not needed for the job and replace it.


The one engineer who was pretty sharp with solidworks is no longer with us. Sort of on our own. Suggestions and directions are welcomed.