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Need assistance modeling acoustic guitar.

Question asked by Richard L on Jan 29, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

Hello all,


I am trying to model an acoustic guitar in Solidworks.  I am not even quite sure what to call my "issue," which makes it difficult to search for a solution via this forum or a Google search, so please bear with me if I, for example, posted this incorrectly under the "Surfacing" section of the forums.


What I'm trying to do is create the "binding" on the guitar.  It is the white part along the body of the guitar with the 3 black stripes as seen in this photo:

I'm no luthier, but apparently the binding holds the guitar "top," which is about 1/8" thick, to the body, which is then bound to the guitar "back," also about 1/8" thick.




1) What would be a good way to approach this?  Since I assumed the white binding is initially separate from the guitar top, I was trying to make the front of the guitar actually 2 pieces instead of 1.  First I made the profile of the guitar.  Extruding it outward quite easily gave me a guitar top, but then I had difficulty trying to make the binding. One way I attempted it was to use the same guitar profile in a new Part file, but then created a thin extrude (1/8" thick).  Was this an alright strategy?  This looked correct (i.e. imagine making a guitar "cookie-cutter"), but when trying to mate the guitar top and the binding together in an assembly I was getting weird fitment issues.


Is there an easier way to approach it without "faking" it by just having the guitar top one piece and the white binding just being some sort of paint trim along the edge of the guitar?


2.) Related to binding, how would I get the 3-stripe trim you see on the binding?  While the binding, as far as I can tell, serves an actual purpose in the creation of the guitar, the 3-stripes are indeed just aethetics.  What's a good way to make lines like that all along the body of the guitar?


I also have a similar question about the rosette of the guitar (the design/trim around the soundhole), but I feel I can get a good idea how to approach that once I figure out the trim on the binding, since that seems like a similar thing, so that can be saved for a question for another day.


Thanks so much in advance for any help!  I can also post more pictures if desired (real or my SW stuff).