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    I need help better surfacing this model

    Joel Rapoport

      hello all,


      after people here in this forum helped me out im working much better with surfaces, and it has really changed the way i not only model but also design, becouse im way more open now to complex shapes i would have tried to stay clear of some time ago.

      special thanks to mark biasottis tutorials.


      anyway,im working o this shape which doesent seem to be that difficult to do with some boundaries and lofts, but somehow the last element doesent come out right.


      here are some images so you can see the shape and numbered is the order in which i make my surfaces.

      you can see the problem area in the last image. which i broke into 2 surfaces (6 and 7), but i cant seem to make them look smooth.


      anyway, any help will be great, and thanks in advance,










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          Ravi Teja

          Hi Joel,

                     Can u attach the model here?


                    without the model , i can suggest cheking your curves and replan the order or patches you are creating.





          Ravi T

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            Jerry Steiger



            The way the border between 6 and 7 makes a transition from a sharp corner at 1 to a large arc at the other end is going to be tricky. I would think about breaking 7 into two surfaces, like 4 and 6, and adding a profile close to 1 on 6 and 7 where you add a smooth transition between 6 and 7.


            Could you put a very small radius to the corners of 1?


            Jerry Steiger

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              Joel Rapoport

              hi jerry,


              im sorry i dissapeared for a few days, im working like crazy.

              i tried adding a filet in the corners, and splitting the lower (more problematic surfaces) to a few different surfaces, but for some reason, in rthis model im getting very bad tangency when i try to make a surface near another one.


              anyway, im adding a link to the solidworks file.

              im trying to get a smooth bottom section of the part. i know that its a bit problematic for soli, but i have seen similar geometry models that were done using sw and this problem is driving me crazy.


              i usually dont get to a place in sw that i cant seem to figure out a problem. even if it takes me some time, i can allway find a way to do the thing i wanted. but for some reason this geometry is giving me hell.


              the file:




              thanks, joel