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GoEngineer - Open House in Carrollton, TX

Question asked by Thomas Allsup on Jan 28, 2012

Go Engineer moved their newly acquired Texas Engineering Systems offices but stayed in Carrollton.


This week they had a Open House - Grand Opening at their new office.


Lots of good info but Tony Riggs provided a wonderful tips presentation:

1.  "R" shortcut brings up recent documents including "push pins" now has 16 items and "show in folder" command.
2.  F5 turns on /off selection filter
3.  Once you enter a diameter dimension it keeps you in that mode for future dimensions so you don't have to select the center line
4.  Tab key hides things in assembly - shift tab key unhides (shows) items
5.  Hold tab key down and drag mouse to turn them off
6.  You can now leave custom properties blank (no value)
7.  Sheet metal form tools are now done like hole wizard - orientation, direction, and replace form tools

8. for 3D models in addition to 3D Control Central
9.  Lots of training tutorials at: