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Meeting Notes

Discussion created by Thomas Allsup on Jan 28, 2012

Linear Dynamics Primer - Anthony Botting - formerly of Texas Engineering Systems (now a contractor with GoEngineer)

     Wonderful introduction to linear vibration analysis with some clever videos and live demos!  Check with Anthony for a copy of his notes.


SolidWorks Costing – Dan Wilson - Florida MLC CAD

     Reviewed new costing functions with sheet metal and machined parts as well as some assemblies. 


What’s REALLY New in SolidWorks 2012 – Richard Doyle

  • Follow Richard on Twitter @SWUGN
  • SolidWorks World is over Valentine's Day this year so plan accordingly
  • Options -   Enable freeze,   Reuse deleted view names, and Sketch - auto rotate
  • Power Trim undo - select red dots in backwards order to undo
  • Turn off broken external references "x" in feature tree is a terrible option to turn off
  • Back isometric view - change back view to front and update, rename, and then change back
  • Control A - select edge, face, or vertix to select them all or when you need to select something then use control A to populate selection tool
  • You can form subassemblies from the graphics area now
  • When you are assembling you can turn off "show preview" so part doesn't go flying off before all mates are applied
  • Align break lines with parent is now an option
  • Part Reviewer - show line by line of part (can't save as a movie yet)
  • Changing a sketch by dragging, shows the "trail lines" where it was, hit right button while dragging with left button to switch back to trail lines
  • You can explode a slot into individual lines and arcs
  • Insert title blocks into parts and assemblies for paperless documentation