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    Can't download SolidWorks

    Joe Dhur

      Hi everbody


      i'm a student from Luxembourg and i got from my school an school id for having Solidworks Student Design Kit at home. then i 've downloaded an InstallationManger and i've go a serial number which is also correct but suddenly when i want to downlad the main program ( Solid Works) there comes an window which says that :  The following products are not currently available for download: SolidWorks *.

      You can use this product without source files do not install or modify

      Repeat the procedure later, you turn off these products, or installan older version


      Note: For products marked with an asterisk is required to download an active subscription.

      ( a translation from google translator because i`ve the german version of SW )


      Can somebody please help me ? I`ve tried everything but it doesn`t work .


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          Scott McFadden


          Welcome to the forum.

          On a side note, the company I used to work for in the USA had a plant in Luxembourg.

          You say you have a serial number.  Have you registered that serial number on the SW sight?

          It sounds like it is not recognizing the serial number.  Are you trying to download from the

          SW site or some where else?  When you received the serial number did they confirm that

          the numbers were valid and registered?

          Take a look at this link ans see if it helps you at all.