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EPDM Requires Unique Files Names When Checking In

Question asked by Ben Richie on Jan 27, 2012

I have searched and have not found anything on the subject. I will also attempt to make this short.


I am transitioning to EPDM from PDM for Workgroup. I am not migrating my legacy data as the majority of the projects would not be revisited. So, I am only moving projects to EPDM as they are created or updated. I use common parts in most projects/assemblies (examples: electrical lugs). Once they are in EPDM and I want to transition/checkin a legacy project from outside EPDM into EPDM that has that lug in the assembly an error message occurs..."The file name, which needs to be unique in the vault, has been used before." I would like EPDM to recognized that this part is the same (PDM for Workgroups does this) and will change the reference location where this already checked in part resides. I would like this to be done seamlessly so that it is invisible to the other users.


Am I missing something in the setting?