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Post Workgroup to ePDM migration issues (won't delete, lost refs)

Question asked by Corey Hinman on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2012 by Corey Hinman

We've had a few issues come up lately that I'm looking for help with.


1- Our migration of files was succesful. I had a designer change some files to proper locations AFTER the migration via Enterprise by dragging and dropping, back in december. Some (most) of the files that were moved were unable to be found when parent assemblies were opened up. We have to point to the correct (new) folder location.


I tested moving a file yesterday that had not previously been modified, in the same manner, and the references were ok.



2- Another part that had been moved post-migration, now cannot be deleted despite the folder, and state settings as shown in the attached files. I was able to delete the associated drawings as admin, but not as the group shown.