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Save as and save as copy?

Question asked by Mark Fitzpatrick on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

Make an assy from a previously made assy:

OK I have a top level assy with two sub assy's in it. Top level is going to be saved as a copy because one of the sub assy's is going to change. Since I donot have a new part number pulled for the new assy I just save as copy "xyz". I then close the assy I had open and open the saved copy xyz. in this xyz assy one of the sub assy's is going to change. I turn that sub assy virtual. I then open the virtual sub assy and turn the parts that are going to change to virtual parts as well. I then save the sub assy and then the top level assy. Next I pull a part number and save the top level assy using save as. So top level now becomes "123". I then pull numbers for the virtual sub assy and the virtual parts in that sub assy saving each one in an external file under their new numbers. The question I have is: When I look at the parts and assy mates folders they are still referencing the "xyz" assy name, not the new "123" name. I would think those folders would update to the new assy name. They obviously did when I saved the original file as a copy. What happened to me after that?

Sorry about the editing, I had to. You can see the mates folders are not named correctly and should be named mates in VA5604......

Even the sub assy mates folders are still named after the virtual file copy of .....?????????





mate folder.jpg