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Problem with assembly constraints

Question asked by Mike Damisch on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by Mike Damisch

Hello, SW forums. I've been searching these forums for advice and help for quite some time, and it's worked marvelously. Never had to make a post until now.


I've been working on a a large-scale model for a while, and one piece of the puzzle has been giving me a problem.


Attached you'll see a very simplified portion of one part of my model. There are two tubes/rods (one horizontal, one vertical) connected via horizontal "transition" parts. While the vertical tube is only supposed to rotate about its vertical axis, the horizontal component should be able to freely pitch up/down as well as yaw left/right. Both horizontal transition components should allow for this movement.


Unfortunately, as you can probably see, the horizontal tube will only pitch up and down if you use that part (or it's corresponding transition) to move it, and no left/right rotation (yaw) is produced. However, if you use the vertical tube or it's transition to move the model, you can see that it will produce the yaw, but no pitch.


Can anyone see something that I'm doing wrong that might fix this? I'm using SW2012 if that matters.