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Question asked by Bryan Ray on Jan 26, 2012

If anyone is going to SWW this year, let's hear from you.  Maybe we can all meet up on Sunday night, have a free beverage and some snacks and pester the Partners for some SWAG. 


BTW, if you are going, I recommend taking the CSWP exam You can do it for free with the coupon online and once again at SWW, but there is a 14 day wait if you fail it, so now is the time to do it from home. 


Why do I suggest this, you ask?  Well, you get a discount to SWW for one, also, there is a CSWP party at SWW every year.  They give out cool stuff like RC cars and nerf guns.  This year, we have the USS Midway all to ourselves.  Maybe, if we are lucky, we can sneak Paul in and launch him from the flight deck into the bay...


See you all soon!!!