Terry Raymond

Things in EPDM 2012 that need improvement

Discussion created by Terry Raymond on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2012 by Ravi Teja

I'm liking EPDM a lot... I've got more working in 3 days than during the last 9 months with our previous system...!!


But here is a list of stuff I am finding that could be improved... writing it down while it is fresh. =)

  1. Hard to select multiple controls in card creation tool.  Can't drag a box if starting inside the card, can't single deselect.  Controls in a container don't move when you move the container.
  2. Only the first column is selectable in the search results, would be nice to be able to click anywhere on the line.
  3. Search tool takes too long to open (~5-10 secs)
  4. Making a field as Required should not involve deleting everything in the vault.
  5. Messagebox warning for missing data is annoying. This should just be a red x somewhere on the screen, no reading, clicking & hunting.
  6. "Refuse Login" and other restrictions should not be in the "Permissions" list.
  7. Workflow arrows need bigger heads and allow colors
  8. Card formula need to support an IF statement.
  9. Save button on the data card screen should be on the left where the save button always is... Not hidden by itself on the right!
  10. Item explorer main screen can only show default columns (ID, name).  Would be nice to see others here (part #, manufacturer, etc).
  11. Solidworks addin icons hard to see.  Should be bigger, and more obvious if it is grayed out.  Search tool icons are better.
  12. Bug - when copy-pasting controls to/from different cards, it gives the "specified card variable is missing" error.  Need to move all the controls 1 by 1 to make the control take.
  13. Bug - when checking out/in an item, it deletes it's BOM....??
  14. Bug - Indented item BOMs aren't showing up right (blank lines where parts should be)