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problems creating New AddIn

Question asked by Rene Daanen on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by Jim Sculley



does anybody has problems with loading a new EPDM-AddIn from the dll's?


I have created an AddIn which I'm able to run in debug-mode.

The main dll is com-visible, all references are not. (as in the guides).


Now when creating new AddIn, I get the error that none of the dll's implement the IEdmAddin -interface.

Sometimes after trying few times, this error is gone, and I get the AddIn-interface (where you can see the selected DLL's).

When pressing OK, I get the message that the clients have to restart their PC, so far so good,

But then again I get a message that the IEdmAddin interface is not implemented.


I now am at version 17 of my AddIn, and all previous versions did implement the AddIn. (although with some version, I had the same problems, but when struggling my way, and trying everything, it suddenly works sometimes).

With my current version, I can't get it to work..


Does anyone has similar problems? (and maybe even a solution?)





Rene Daanen
Cadmes B.V.