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How to move parts into a subassembly

Question asked by Gregory Page on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2014 by Stewart Fuchs

I would like to move a number of parts that are currently in the top level assembly into a (new) subassembly.  I tried making a copy of the top level assembly (save as/make copy) to form the subassembly.  I can easily remove the parts from the top assembly and insert the new sub-assembly, but the associated drawing files loos all their dimension connections to the parts.  They are the same part files, but now inserted by way of the sub-assembly.


Is there a way to move the parts from the top level assembly into a new subassembly file that will not make the drawings loose the dimensions to the parts?  The parts need to retain all their mates, all of which are to a single part that would be moved into the subassembly, so "in theory" I would only need to define the 3 mates to put the subassembly back into the main assembly.


Thanks - Greg