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Envelopes and large asm's

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Matt Peneguy

Can anyone, with any certainty, advise for or against using envelopes in asm's or should one just insert parts instead of bringing them in as an envelope?


We try to do as much modular in design as we can. Basically it comes down to

-level 1 : the pipe asm

-level 2 : a composite asm of the pipe asm with the needed reference = the parts of the building were that pipe runs in/over/through

-level 3 : a even bigger composite asm that combines the building parts with several pipes and there pumps/supports/etc. of a specific area (battery limit)

-level 4 : still bigger composite asm that combines different areas and gives an overall total view of all that needs to be done


Any building, basin, silo as such gets drawn as seperate parts.


Now the question is : is there any advantage at all in inserting them as enevelopes instead of parts? Yes we know that envelopes don't have mass prop's and that they don't show up in the BOM. However is there more to it than that ? Do envelopes take less or more calculating power? Will they make large assemblies easier to handle or will they bog it down? In short, is there any distinct advantage to using envelopes that you have noticed that couldn't be done just as well by just using parts?


I've tried asking SW by means of our VAR but all they get is a qoute from the help file instead of a confirmation or denial concerning the question we ask.


Thank you in advance for any insight.