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Please Help! Bill Of Materials Questions (Item Numbering and Formatting)

Question asked by Ryan Smyl on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by Filipe Venceslau

Hello, this is my first posting on the board and tried various searches and cant seem to find an answer. This is my problem


1. I generate a bill of materials at the assembly level of my part. (Insert / table / select part / Flat Numbering Selected as well as Lock Numbering)

step 1.jpg

2. I make a drawing from my part and I insert a bill of materials refrencing the bill of materials created at the assembly level.

step 2.jpg

step 2_1.jpg


3. I do not want all the items in the bill of materials to be listed so i select the cells that i do not want to show and hide the rows. I select the button to lock the item numbering so for example the 3 items in my bill of materials keep there numbering ex: 6, 22, 29


step 3.jpg


4. I save out the drawing with everything looking good and formatted correctly.


5. I reopen the drawing and then the numbering in the bill of materials looks like it will still read 6, 22, 29 but then it seems to update and the numbers change to 1, 2, 3


step 4.jpg


I have tried generating bom's right at the drawing level but when i hide rows and format the cells I will close out the drawing and do some work in the model and when i reopen the drawing then i loose all the formatting and random items show up in my bom.


Can someone please help me? I have tried so many different work arounds and I just can not get this to work. I have a lot of drawing people are waiting on and im getting super stressed. Just when I think I got it I dont