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Drawing data Card deleting properties

Question asked by Charley McGowan on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by Charley McGowan

So we'll have a new part, the part data card fills out fine, we click "make drawing from part" and click, making the data card pop up and it fills out just fine. Then before the drawing is checked in, if we click "Save" all the properties that were put in by the card are wiped out, on the "@" tab, "Sheet 1" still has the variables written that were there.


I also found this out, if the part isn’t in the drawing, it will update the data just fine.

So what I mean by this is… say you make a drawing of a part but you never actually drag the part into the drawing to be dimensioned, the variables fill out on the card and stay on the drawing. As soon as I drag the part in to be dimensioned, and press saved, the data was wiped again.


Any advice?