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Creating Parts from Layout Sketch - Incorrect Part Position

Question asked by Jack Wilson on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by John Stoltzfus


   I am working on my first assembly using layout sketches and I've run into an interesting problem. It may be that I have overlooked something since I am new to the layout sketch feature. My goal is to create a rectangular ram that fits into a rectangular box. The box consists of four metal plates with some angle iron on each edge. I created a layout of the box and created a block for two different sized plates (since the box is rectangular), and a block with the profile of the angle iron. I placed four copies of the angle block, one at each corner by rotating them and constraining them to the plate profiles using sketch relations in the layout sketch.


  My problem is that when I create parts from the blocks, one or more of the angle pieces do not get placed correctly. The block remains in the correct position, but the part is rotated. I have deleted the parts and re-created them a few times, and each time the results are different. At first, the bottom two angle pieces were placed 180 degrees from their respective blocks; the second time, one of the parts was completely wrong -- wrong rotation and wrong position, and the third timeonly one of the angle pieces was 180 degrees off. When the position was wrong the second time, I could only select the part if I selected (click and drag) in the vacinity of where the part 'should' be, near the block.


   My initial thought was that it was just not displaying properly, but rebuilding the assembly has no effect, and if I render it in Photoworks 360, the part is still in the wrong position. The only solution I can think of is to abandon the layout sketch, create the parts individually, and recreate the assembly using mates. It may be worth noting that I saved the parts externally after they were created, so they are not virtual components. I'll post a screen shot below. Any help will be appreciated. By the way, I was also wondering what the little 'hat' icons are next to my parts (yellow circle in screen shot).








This is a screen shot of the problem. At this point, the parts are still virtual components, but saving them extenally does not help.

Layout Problem - 1.PNG


And here is a shot of just the layout sketch (all parts are hidden)

Layout Problem - 2.PNG