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Camera In 360 not matching screen grab.

Question asked by Mark Matthews on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by Mark Matthews

I've got saved cameras in SW and rendering with Photoview 360 to the exact size the screengrabs from SW creates. I'm attempting to composite a "Hidden Lines Removed" screen grab on top of a rendered image in PhotoShop. The screengrab is layerd on top of the rendering and "mulitplied" to give me my contour lines. I want to do this as using the contour lines out of photoview will not create my tangent lines in the "phantom" font.


The problem is that the rendered image and the screengrab do not line up. The screengrab is ever so slighty larger than the rendered camera view so that when I adjust the opacity of the screen grab, it makes it look like the image went out of foucus. The two images have the same pixel dimensions. Anyone out there seeing this incongruity between the SW and PV cameras? I can't post an image because of confidentiality.