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deleting of local files prior to check-in - new ER?

Question asked by Peter Gumprecht on Jan 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by Peter Gumprecht

Hello Team,

Just wondering if I should submit an enhancement request for this or not.

After revising an assembly and prior to checking it back in as a new revision,

I'm able to select the icon/checkbox "delete local copy". However, I'm only able

to do this to components that I have write access to and not read only. Why?

This does not make sense to me. I know how to clear out the local files from my workfolder

(using PDM cleanup) but shouldn't I be able to clear them out when I have the assembly and associated files

already in front of me during check-in? Am I missing something here?

I'm using SW Workgroup PDM 2010. Thoughts? Opinions?