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    Convert Iges files into solid models (Solid Works 2011)

    David Sanchez

      Hi Guys,


      I am hoping to get some introduction to convert a 3d scanning (Iges) to a solid model.

      This is my case,

      I have some 3D scanned parts saved as IGES format (FaroArm/Polyworks used) and they need to be created in Solid Works 2011 as a solid model to be sent for manufacturing. I have a short/basic experience using Solid Works but I am getting into the path when Reverse Engineering is required.

      I am able to import the file and opened in Solid Works but that’s when I get in standby. I am hoping from someone to share some hints or that very first step, to create a solid model. If you need more information from me, in regards a proper solution please let me know.

      Any valuable information will be gladly appreciated!