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    flow simulation and power outage question

    Dan Hofstetter

      Hi all,


      I was looking at UPS options for my workstation PC, and was wondering how Flow Simulation handles power outages/unexpected shutdowns.  If I am running a simulation that takes many hours, and power is lost, will the simulation pick up where it was interrupted?  Is there something I can to to make it save progress and pick up automatically using UPS power management software with Windows 7?  I am using an active power factor correction (PFC) power supply for my PC, and was looking at some of the CyberPower UPS products (1500 and 2000 VA models).





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          David Harrold

          Hi Dan,

          If your computer shuts down in the middle of a calculation, I believe your results will be lost and you'd have to start it over once power is regained. A way to protect against data loss is to use either periodic or tabular saving, which can be enabled in the Calculation Control Options dialog, under the Saving tab. However, use caution because this will "embiggen" your simulation file sizes significantly!


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            Ron Reiners



            I am note sure what will happen if the computer goes into sleep mode as a UPS device will do. You could always try it manually.


            I always do periodic savings as David has suggested. If your system does crash during a run you will need to take the last saved file and copy/rename it to the x.fld that is used in each folder of the current Flow Simulation run.