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delete "Visual Studio Tools..." & old install folders?

Question asked by Bonnie Caruthers on Jan 22, 2012

I am going thru a cleanup and I got part of my question answered here about deleting old install files, but I had no idea I had ALL of them on my machine - going back to my first install of July, 2010.  It seems reasonable to backup some on DVD but how far back should I keep?  Currently running 2011 SP5 and not sure when/if IT will be updating to SW 2012.  Should I keep all of 2011 or just back a few installs?


I also found a folder in My Docs: \SolidWorks Visual Studio Tools for Applications from the day SW was first installed (7/2010)- but they are all empty.  I'm assuming since they are in my Doc folder (and empty) it is safe to delete them?



and another that is just Visual Studio 2005 (also in my docs folder) completely empty




Were these files/folders used in 2010 and not in 2011??



One last question... I have two identical zip files & They are  from April this year, which seems to be when I installed 2011.  Are these install logs and do I need to keep them?