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Why doesn't toolbox work correctly on my computer ??

Question asked by Jeroen Van Boldrik on Jan 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2012 by JOHN GEORGE

Hello everyone around the globe,


I've recently upgraded SW2011 to SW2012, installed a new license, and most of my problems were gone. However the most important one stayed.

When I want to use the toolbox most parts don't work. I can't change the properties I want to use, when I do so I get all kinds of errors I'm not waiting for.

The items I'm using the most from the toolbox are bolts, nuts and washers and chainwheels at this moment

I've upgraded the toolbox to SP1.0 because the helpdesk I'm connected to gave me the advise, they say the problem is the use of the decimal point in some countries but that's solved in SP1.0 I'm afraid not.

Can and will somebody give me some advise how to solve this problem ??



Kind Regards Jeroen