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Toolbox Cam generates artifacts and not very mate friendly

Question asked by Fred Fisher on Jan 20, 2012

Generating a Cam with these parameters creates artifacts.

units inch

cam type circular

follower type translating

follower dia 0.192

starting radius .5

starting angle 0

rotation Counter clockwise


ending radius .75, uniform motion, 90 degrees of motion


create new part with track removed

blank od 1.995 .25 thick

near hub 0

far hub 0

thru hole .505

track type blind .25

angular incement .1

track surfaces Both

arcs checked


After creation open sketch 2 to edit and you will see one of the problems.


Solidworks 2010


Not sure what I am not doing correctly but this part is needed to cam mate in an assembly, the geometery was fixed by hand and  a spline was created in another

sketch and the original geometery deleted then extrude cut. It mates fine after doing all of this however, it generates an error the cam follower is too large and might

cause a problem. Well, the follower pin is undersize and the groove is oversized so it should not. I suspect  fixing of the geometery by hand is the problem, how

far off course is it?  Doing the repairs required a lot of time constructing the spline along all the segment points, this seems like an extremely obtuse method so I must be missing something. As created by the cam toolbox it will not mate and has artifacts.


The next issue is how accurate will this be? I am close to finalizing the design and a cam will be machined,  to what degee of accuracy can I expect? Our CAM software is SolidCam 2011 and is an excellent choice for spline to toolpath generation so that should not be an issue provided the Solidworks part file is correct.