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SW2012 SP1.0 won't install with toolbox from Active Directory

Question asked by Kevin Silbert on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by Kevin Silbert

We've made the .MSI files and .MST files, but no matter what we do, if we include ADDLOCAL=SolidWorksToolbox, the installation doesn't get done and result in icons on the desktop and a runnable program. It tries, and takes a very long time, but fails. If the same setup is used without that ADDLOCAL=SolidWorksToolbox line, it works fine.We've tried this on new machines as well as older machines that have had older Toolbox on them, with the same result. 


In the Event Viewer, the failed installs have a bunch of failed .DLLs that say things ".NET runtime optimization error. Failed to compile: AnnotationOperation.DLL Error Code = 0x80131047" This repeats for what looks like 30 DLLs or so.


Anyone had any better luck with Active Directory rollouts that included toolbox?