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Make a Vault Read Only?

Question asked by Samuel Barnum on Jan 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by Samuel Barnum

I need to take my PDMWorks Vault off line for maintenance. I want to temporally replace it with a Read Only Vault so files can be downloaded, but no files checked in, or ownership changes, or any other user functions.    I didn't see an easily solution to this in the Vault Admin, like a check box that says "Make Vault Read Only", and we have to many users and groups to go manually go through and change them all to RO on the Projects tab.  Is there any other way?  Or am I missing something?  Maybe there's a API script that could be written, but I didn't see any hooks into Admin Functions when I took a quick look....



On a related note we are also looking at setting up a mirrored vault for a remote location, that will be updated each night.  That Vault also will need to be read only to keep users from checking files in by accident.  Since User/Group permissions for each Project are stored in the respective project folders, all the permissions are overwritten each night from the parent Vault.  Once again an easy, and preferably automate-able way to change permissions is needed.  Any thoughts on how this might be accomplished?