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    customize menu

    Marc Hervouet-Botta

      is there a way to customize shortcut ( right click ) menu ? i would like to have object snaps available directly in the menu instead of submenu flyout


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          Deepak Gupta

          You might want to look at Mouse Gestures

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            Scott McFadden


            If you RC on the top toolbar you can select "Customize" and there you will see tabs

            to customize the keyboard as well as if you go to commands tab you can drag any of those commands

            to any of your toolbars.

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                Marc Hervouet-Botta

                Perhaps i am missing something , but this does not allow you to customize shortcut menu specifically . 

                Only option for this menu is "hide or show "predefined items . I am surprised though that such an important menu would not allow customization  .


                Searching in submenu is too long . And  i really dont want to move pointer all the way to a toolbar each time i need an object snap activated


                Any feature that can make snaps appear next to my pointer when i need would help.  I dont know about mouse gestures, i need to look it up.

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                    Scott McFadden


                    Not sure if what I am about to tell you will help you or solve your particular issue, but I will throw it out there

                    and hopefully you will find some value in it.

                    First, Like I said in my first posting you can RC on the toolbar and go to the commands tab and drag any command

                    over to what ever toolbar you want.


                    Second, in the command manager you can RC on and of the tabs and select "Customize Command Manager"


                    Which will bring up a dialog window that looks like this.


                    Which allows you to add a custom tab and if you select where it says "New Tab"

                    you will get this.


                    To which you can add an empty tab to place any commands you want or add a macro key there

                    by selecting and dragging this button over


                    to which you can follow this procedure from the help file that shows you how to

                    add a created macro to these buttons.

                    Now if you are looking for shortcut keys then what I showed you above just select the keyboard tab instead of the

                    commands tab and that will show you all of the keyboard shirtcuts and allow you to add the ones you need.

                    Everything you have been shown in this thread is pretty much all there is when it comes to customizing the

                    keyboard and toolbars.

                    I hope this helps you.

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                  Steve Ostrovsky

                  Don't forget about the "S" shortcut. Best tool palette around that allows you to make it what you want. Just hit "S" and then RMB on the tool palette > Customize. Then drag/drop icons where you want them.